And here I am

I was born.

I lived.

At times i was found,

at others i was lost.

I lived.

I often    f e l t    the    f l o w    of nature,

in the yellow light of the sun dancing on my skin,

in the air flowing over me,

in the universe flowing through me.


Not knowing to follow the ebb and flow.

Sometimes    f i g h t i n g,

Sometimes    f l o a t i n g.

I    w a s    discovered.

Hidden beneathe the limitations i believed held me back.



In flow.

With every changing moment,

the realisation was lost and found.

A perpetual lesson

A perpetual cycle

A perpetual    u n d o i n g

Wild animals dancing in the water

Aliens staring at the stars

Shewolves howling at the moon

Sisters blossoming

Fertile    M o t h e r    E a r t h




I was born.

I live.

Sometimes i am lost

Sometimes i am completely found.

I am.

A mother.

A vessel.

I am a bridge between what is and what could be.

My children are my dreams.

My life is my creation.

My path unfurls before me.

Sometimes in plain sight

Sometimes hidden in the dark

Sometimes in blinding light.

I was

But i changed

I am change

I flow



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