Where to begin

Blue tacked walls
Rushed brush strokes hidden behind clutter,  cloaked in family life
laid bare.

Space revealed, emotions freed.

I dont even know where to begin, where to end, where it all changed, when a choice was made:


Am I running from or running to.
Leaving so much, though forever connected
heart unhealed,
heart unbroken.
I CANNOT describe.
This year. So many endings,  beginnings
and space I cannot even fathom.
Life ended, love beginning, pain: Fresh, lip quiveringly felt, heart wrenchingly experienced




Leaving your wretched turmoil, pain cycle, heartache behind.
Soon to set my children free upon the shores of an island
where the sky dances green
where nature dictates what living can be done.

I leave this, the struggle you chose to leave me in, I am giving it back.
Once and for all
no half arsed
half baked attempt at choosing a path towards someone elses false happiness

I choose my children,
I choose me
I choose happiness
I choose to follow the path, the universe has been guiding me towards,
I choose happiness
Wholeheartedly, unbounded, undeniable,
so uncomplicatedly
the space to be happy

You chose the rest


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