Strength does not come from being “strong”- controlling, lording power over others, in brute force .

True strength is knowing when to be “hard” , when to be    s o f t , gentle.

Strength is knowing when to support, not blocking, not shouting.

Strength is in forgiveness, but not in forgetting.

It’s in trusting the silence, surrounding the sounds., the  spaces between the peeks and troughs of our tangled often strangled web of life.

Strength is found in learning: Embracing the lessons in each tough time, hard time, in each broken heart, each misadventure.

Strength is found in    a c t i o n , not     r e a c t i o n .

Strength is giving   o n e   second chance. It’s knowing when to walk away.

Strength is making yourself vulnerable: Vulnerable to change, growth, loss, failure, broken hearts, success.

Strength is acceptance. Accepting the natural ebb and flow. Accepting others may never change, but you can.

Strength is accepting you may never have answers, others may not have enough self-awareness to offer you them, to offer their truth. Strength is in quieting the speculating mind, the incessant what ifs, buts, if onlys and whys. And looking at the actions and behaviours and saying that is enough.

Strength is trying again, but it’s also found in   l e t t i n g   g o .

Strength is the trusting, giving the chance to show, to   c h a n g e, giving the chance to put right, to undo, to make up for. It is not found in the tired repetition of a senseless cycle of the same negative hurts, patterns, illnesses.

Strength is knowing when to ask for help, and asking.

Strength is not being perfect but always trying to be the best you can be.

Strength is the drive that keeps you going on the lonely nights, and   l o n g   l o n e l y  d a y s. It’s the quiet voice that reassures you, you can do this, you are ok, keep going, you will be fine.

There is strength to be found in the tear streaked cheek, the deep grounding breath, the thump of your heart, the tired bones of a tired body.

There is strength in    L O V E .    In freedom giving love, joy filled love, Love that nurtures and grows that lets your loved ones go, when either you go or they go. It’s strong to let them go. And strong to let them return, if they return, when they return. There is no strength in a tight grip, holding on , suffocating, threatening, hurtingholding, clutching on to old ways, to old pain, to old patterns, to unhealthy relationships.

Strength is in digging deep and facing your pain head on saying here I am, come and get me. There is strength in the realisation that what you buried deep within, it’s no longer real, just a memory and you don’t have to carry it any more.

Strength is found in realising that ultimately you are   o n   y o u r   o w n ! You may find love and support along the way, but no one can stop you from sinking if you want to sink, and no one can stop you from rising if that is your path.

Strength is found in simply being, it’s in finding stillness within.

So be weak, be vulnerable, own your mistakes, open your broken heart. But be careful who you open yourself to. Respect your boundaries, your lessons, the choices you made to get you here.

And take strength in the process that got you to a moment of renewal and rebirth and move forward in love.


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